Resurrection Village exists because…

thWe, as people needing homes, know we can’t keep waiting for someone else to build them for us.
We must take matters into our own hands and create our own home together with compassion, community and dignity.
We, in solidarity, take the responsibility to build, govern and sustain our village.
We, as people coming from survival on the streets know the vast and critical need for safe spaces to sleep without being rousted by police or private security and being under the constant threat of violence.
We believe that all people deserve safe sleep
We the village residents will do all we can to provide this for others in need by welcoming them into our village rest area.
We envision a world where all people have this basic right to create homes together and share that space with others in need.

Tiny Homes Village
Tiny Home Village From A sketch up File

Resurrection Village will be a self-governed Tiny Homes village whose main purpose is to provide a home base and a safe place for those who are presently in Denver and have no other place to go. With this collection of warm, safe and quaint homes, we seek to provide a viable solution in the midst of the current housing crisis. The village pilot program will include 10-30 Tiny Homes for individuals and couples (no children at this time), a community kitchen, bathrooms, showers, common space, gardens, developing room for micro businesses and a Welcoming Center. The Concept

Resurrection Village Partners

Resurrection Village creation is lead by Denver Homeless Out Loud

We are proud to have the following groups as partners.

Interfaith Alliance
The Burnes Center
The Buck Foundation
Richard Male and Associates
Food Not Bombs
Denver Food Rescue
Architecture for Humanity
Five Points Geoplanning LLC.

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