Biennial Booklet

In July of 2015, Denver Homeless Out Loud hosted an event through the 2015 Biennial of the Americas Festival. We called it, “The Struggle for Space Event: Homelessness and the Politics of Dys-appearance in American Cities”. It was part music, part tiny home open house, part philosophical discussion, part political organizing event, part historical analysis, part art show and and all around a darn good time.

A small grant helped us to get 9 artists (all of whom experienced homelessness) to create 9 original art pieces for the event. Through Crowd Funding we were able to also produce a beautiful booklet showcasing the 9 artists work, along with Theoretical Reflections from Chad Kautzer, Professor of Philosophy, UCD, and the booklet also includes lots of information about tiny homes and how they could be legalized in Denver. At that time we were using the name ‘Little Denver’ for our concept plan – no we’ve changed our name to ‘Resurrection Village’ in honor of the movements that came before us.

Anyway, we’re very proud of this booklet and offer it here for your enjoyment (as a pdf):


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