Villages Across the Country

Tiny Home Villages across the United States for people previously without homes

(This list is not comprehensive  but does list most of the current villages)

Emerald Village- Eugene, Oregon!emerald/czez

With our next project, Emerald Village, we’ve developed a fresh approach to affordable housing. While Opportunity Village was designed as a transitional micro-housing community, our next iteration of the village model provides a more accessible and sustainable place to transition to. Each of the 22 homes are designed to meet the building codes definition of a “permanent dwelling”—including sleeping and living areas, a kitchenette, and bathroom—all in 160 – 288 square feet.

The individual houses will be supported by common facilities that include a community gathering area, kitchen, laundry, restroom, tool storage, and office.

Opportunity Village- Eugene, Oregon!opportunity/c959

Opportunity Village Eugene (OVE) opened in August 2013 as a “transitional micro-housing” pilot project. The vision was to create a collaboration between the housed and unhoused that provides stable and safe places to be through cost-effective, human-scale approaches for transitioning the unhoused to more sustainable living situations.

It accommodates around 30 otherwise homeless individuals and couples at a time in simple, micro-housing (60-80sf) that provides residents with security, stability, and privacy. By consolidating utilities to common cooking, gathering, restroom, and laundry facilities we were able to keep costs very low, providing an intermediate solution between the street and traditional housing.

OVE is a self-governed, peer-supported community with oversight provided by SquareOne Villages.

A Community Agreement lays out the basic rules of the village, while an ever evolving Village Manual outlines the policies and procedures for operating and maintaining the village.

Right 2 Dream too- Portland, Oregon

Right2DreamToo (R2DToo) was established on World Homeless Action Day, Oct. 10th, 2011. It a nonprofit organization operating a space that provides refuge and a safe space to rest or sleep undisturbed for Portland’s unhoused community who cannot access affordable housing or shelter. They exist to awaken social and politcal groups to the importance of safe undisturbed sleep. The purpose is to create a place where unhoused people can rest or sleep without being rousted by police or private security and without being under the threat of violence… There are 25 members who live in tents/structures as well as large tents where up to 60 people can get safe sleep during the day and night.
Dignity Village- Portland, Oregon

Dignity Village is a membership-based community in NE Portland, providing shelter off the streets for 60 people a night since 2001. It’s democratically self-governed with a mission to provide transitional housing that fosters community and self-empowerment– a radical experiment to end homelessness.

Quixote Village- Olympia, Washington

Quixote Village grew from the vision of a self-governing tent camp of homeless adults in Olympia, Washington. The Village consists of 30 tiny cottages, a large vegetable garden and a community building that contains showers, laundry facilities, a communal kitchen and living and dining space.

Tiny Home Village- Seattle, Washington

In September, 2013, LIHI began a partnership with Nickelsville to host and operate a homeless encampment on the then vacant property at 2020 South Jackson Street.  Since then, their work with encampments has expanded and they now manage several Seattle sites in partnership with Nickelsville, SHARE/Wheel, the City of Seattle, Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, and Compass Housing Alliance.

OM Village – Madison, Wisconsin

Occupy Madison, Inc., a membership non-profit organization.  We have several projects including:
– OM Build – Building Tiny Houses
– OM Goods – Building products for sale to fund raise to build houses
– OM Village – A tiny village for our Tiny Houses
– And coming soon – OM Works . . . our own day labor program

Mission: Our mission is to join together to creatively work towards a more humane and sustainable world.

Vision: We envision a place where people with or without current safe housing can live and/or work cooperatively in a way that promotes dignity, safety, stewardship, and sustainability for all.

Hope Village – Fresno, California

The Village of Hope was established in 2004 in response to the increased number of homeless encampments in the City of Fresno. The Community of Hope was formed in 2007 to meet the growing demand for shelter for the homeless. The Villages can accommodate up to 124 clients per night.

River Haven – Ventura, California

River Haven in Ventura, California is a homeless encampment put together, funded and maintained by the Turning Point Foundation. This is a part of Ventura County’s 10 year plan to end homelessness.

Community First! Village – Austin, Texas

Community First! Village is a 27-acre master-planned community that will provide affordable, sustainable housing and a supportive community for the disable

Second Wind Cottages, upstate New York

The mission of Second Wind Cottages Inc. is to house and walk with people toward restored lives. We’ve completed our first 9 cottages on Route 13 in Newfield, with hundreds of hours of volunteer labor and materials discounted or donated by our sponsors.

Cornerstone Villages – Lake County, California

Cornerstone Villages has a goal of creating a “Bridge to Life” for those unhoused in Lake County, whether by the recent disastrous fires or by the everyday struggles of life. The tiny home village model aims to provide a safe, clean, and secure place for these people to go: a self-managed community of small, inexpensive structures for those in need of temporary housing. Cornerstone Villages provides hope and healing for broken lives, a return to structured living for children and families, support for transitioning into permanent housing, and an asset to the community with simple, well-made structures that will last for many years. Because of tremendous volunteer support and a highly efficient model, it takes only $1,000 to build each tiny home.

Revival Village- Lakewood, New Jersey

Addressing the underlying issues that have limited their ability to maintain self-sufficiency while providing them an environment that heals, strengthens and empowers. We seek to provide creative arts opportunities for developing work and life skills that ultimately lead to employment and home ownership, demonstrate a truly affordable, innovative, economically effective, sustainable housing unit and community.

Below is a list of villages that either have tents and/or tiny homes or are working towards starting tiny home villages.

  1. California: Hope’s Village of SLO is a non-profit group in Santa Margarita, CA, dedicated to establishing a safe, healthy, and drug-free environment where people can live in dignity and in peace. Not yet a community; they are seeking ten acres of land in San Luis Obispo County on which to build cabins on wheels.
  2. Georgia: Cindy Murphy Kelley of the Chatham Savannah Authority for the Homeless is developing a plan for a tiny house community to address homelessness.
  3. Idaho: Idaho Tiny House is striving to build tiny houses for the homeless in Idaho. Their mission is to provide a secure habitation where any un-housed person will have a door to lock and a bed to sleep in. Having a home is one part of feeling loved and needed in society. Not yet a community; they invite your involvement and assistance.
  4. Michigan: Cass Community Social Services is building a tiny house community in Detroit. According to Fox News, the 24 homes being built in Detroit will be fully functioning, between 300 and 450 square feet, and located right off the Lodge near Woodrow Wilson and Elmhurst Street.
  5. New Jersey: Destiny’s Bridge is an intentional community in Lakewood, NJ. Unlike a traditional “homeless shelter” which simply provides a cot and a roof over ones’ head, Destiny’s Bridge provides a tiny home “of their own” in which the homeless temporarily live as they begin the process of healing surrounded by a community which offers care, rehabilitation and support so they can start the process of becoming productively integrated members of society.
  6. New York: On twelve acres of donated land near Ithaca, NY, Community Faith Partners created Second Wind Cottages, providing 320 square foot tiny houses for homeless men.
  7. North Carolina: Located on The Farm at Penny Lane in Pittsboro, the Tiny Home Community Collaborative serves people struggling with mental illness.
  8. North Carolina: Tiny Houses Greensboro hopes to build a tiny house community in Greensboro, NC.
  9. Tennessee: We Care of Dayton, TN, has completed one tiny house and is planning on building several more, as part of Haven House. One 208 square foot house is complete and currently in use as transitional housing.
  10. Tennessee:Green Street Church of Christ in Nashville provides -a Sanctuary for the homeless, some in tents and some in tiny houses donated by Pastor Jeff Obafemi Carr of Infinity Fellowship Interfaith Gathering Church.
  11. Texas: The Cottages at Hickory Crossing will offer permanent housing for the chronically homeless in South Dallas. The tiny house village will consist of 50 homes of 400 sq ft each.
  12. Texas: Healing Hands Ranch in Willis, TX, provides a place for men struggling through poverty and/or addiction to develop a purpose, experience spiritual growth, receive job training, and find a path back into society, through a faith-based program. In partnership with Healing Hands Ranch,Sunconomy is building an eco-village of tiny houses, and will utilize aquaponics and permaculture designs.
  13. Oregon: Also in Eugene is Hospitality Village hosted by the Episcopal Church of the Resurrection.
  14. Washington: Neighbor in My Backyard (NIMBY) is an initiative of the Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church in Seattle. The goal of the program is to create permanent affordable housing for formerly homeless individuals by building tiny houses on wheels and placing them on church properties and in privately owned backyards throughout the Seattle Area.
  15. Washington: The Nickelsville Encampment in Seattle is transitioning to a tiny house village with the support of the Low Income Housing Institute and the Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.
  16. Washington: Othello Village has formed in the Nickelsville Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.
  17. Additional gatherings, across the US: Andrew Heben provides great resources in his book and website, listing both sanctioned and unsanctioned

Further Resources:

Tent City Took Kit

Tent City Urbanism A wonderful book about Tiny Home Villages across the country – Lots of useful info about zoning codes, examples of what works and what doesn’t – very inspirational

Western Regional Advocay Project – The coolest alliance of organizations ever


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