The Concept

Resurrection Village will be a self governing tiny home village whose purpose is to provide a home base and safe place for those who are presently in Denver and have no other place to go. With this collection of safe, secure and insulated homes, we hope to provide a viable solution in the midst of the current housing crisis. A tiny home village is a cost effective, ecologically conscious, communal, tangible and dignified alternative to being criminalized for surviving in public spaces, waiting for years for public housing or fighting to get an un-guaranteed spot in the overcrowded shelter system.
Resurrection Village will be a self determined, community supported, housing option. This means that residents choose freely to live there, for the length of time that works best for them, and–as long as they abide by the Village Agreements–choose how they will lead their lives while they reside there. At the same time, they will be offered a multitude of ways in which they might choose to develop and apply their talents and interests and be contributing members of both Resurrection Village and the broader community.
This community will be established, managed and operated by the collaborative efforts of the Village Residents’Council and the Advisory Council. While initially funded through foundation and other grants, the goal is for this community to become completely self sufficient as time goes on.
Included within the Village will be facilities that will be shared by all residents, including a
kitchen/dining area, restrooms with showers, a meeting area, a garden, and space for small scale businesses. Shared facilities will both help keep costs down and reinforce the community aspect which is fundamental to the Village. All members of the Village will actively participate in the design and development of the Village, and will manage and operate the community themselves, using democratic decision-making processes. I t is expected that the model created and implemented at Resurrection Village will be successful and will be replicated in other Denver metro areas; therefore, it is especially important that the process and outcomes be well documented.